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Correction dated 24 July 2024.

The article considers the possibility of a new understanding of the physical nature of electric charge. To date, the understanding of charge is reduced to a description of what it can do, what it leads to, but does not talk about what makes it appear, where it comes from. Therefore, to date, the concept of electric charge is tantamount to understanding a ‘black box’ — an object of study whose inner workings are unknown. In this connection physics builds its laws only by means of observation on experience and obtaining results through carrying out a large number of experiments. I.e. — it is similar to the actions of a blind man.

Yes, of course, attempts are made to understand what charge is, but so far without much success. Everything is still reduced to the description of what it leads to.

This article attempts to ‘guess’ the very structure of this mysterious ‘black box’. I think that the data collected by mankind for this purpose is already more than enough. At correct answer to the question — ‘What is electric charge’, all other questions about its interaction and manifestation will be answered by themselves. In this case, all disparate areas of physics will acquire a common beginning and get a common interconnection.

I do not assert that on it the process of obtaining knowledge will end, I only say that it will help to describe more precisely occurring processes mathematically if it will be necessary. It will also shed light on what area is worth testing and what can be left aside due to what is already becoming obvious. I.e., it will allow to set a vector of further researches, but by no means a stop of development.

After description of elementary particles and antiparticles, and also principles of their interactions in the article there is a transition from small objects to similar processes with sizes of galaxies, well as it is possible to pass to even smaller sizes, than the size of elementary particles — it becomes possible because it is known for a long time that the WORLD loves fractals. And at the level of galaxies, I think, that assumptions of the given hypothesis are quite fair, and if it is observed at increase of size, then it should be observed at decrease of size too, I think there is no priority in this process.

Also, in the article the understanding of space and not only as a manifestation of energy is introduced, which is not a novelty for physics. The understanding of speed of light is corrected a little bit, more precisely to tell corrected its understanding of manifestation in different dimensions and because of it it is necessary to perceive differently effects of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’, to them it is necessary to treat differently, here the matter is not in the size as such, but in the concept of size in a concrete dimension.

I hope I was able to correctly anticipate the structure of particles and antiparticles, as well as the understanding of electric charge. Perhaps — this will guide and accelerate further development.

To contact me you can use the mail address: science@ast-1c.kz.

Electromagnetic waves as the building blocks of the universe.

Unification theory.

This article is a theoretical description of the processes taking place in the Universe. There is no special mathematical apparatus in it, only the most necessary, which allows to justify the possibility of these processes.

For a long time I have not given rest to the question — what is the electric charge? Why it is always equal to a specific number, meaning the minimum charge of a particle, quarks are not interested, they do not exist separately, and there is also an explanation, but about it a little later. Why at change of speed of movement the mass of a body changes, and nothing happens to the charge? What is this indicator — charge? The funny thing is that the answer has long been known, but for some reason the physical component has always been omitted.

It has long been known that:

1/c is proportional to the value e2 /h, where e is the charge of the electron, h is Planck’s constant, and c is the speed of light. I.e. one constant is equal to another constant. You could even consider following the link (http://nuclphys.sinp.msu.ru/misc/constants.htm second line) or you could consider the link (https://n-t.ru/tp/ns/oss.htm).

But physically, the inverse of speed is called pace. It shows how long it takes you to cover the desired distance.

This parameter is exactly a characteristic of an elementary particle, not interaction, but exactly a characteristic of a particle, and it is obviously a rate of the same speed of light. And so the question is what and how is overcome in the particle? What can we talk about? We all know that any particle is apparently an electromagnetic wave, as well as electromagnetic waves are transverse in the dimension of space. I will not deal here with the question of what exactly the shape of an elementary particle is formed in space, but taking into account the equivalence of spatial coordinates it must be something related to the shape of a ball. I suppose it will be logical, because the propagation of electromagnetic waves occurs uniformly in all directions, the speed of propagation of electromagnetic wave does not depend on the direction of motion, well at least this has not been fixed yet. So the shape of a ball is the most appropriate. I am not talking about the exact structure of the elementary particle, it is not important for understanding, but it is important to understand what and where it moves and why the rate can take values «+1», «-1» and 0 (I divided the charge of the particle to the charge of the electron), let it be only numbers telling us only about the direction. This is the important thing. Yes: «+1» is something moving somewhere at the speed of light in one direction, «-1» is movement in the opposite direction, and «0» is as if there is no movement in either direction.

Now let us imagine our particle in the form of a ball, in which oscillations will occur in the fabric of space-time, i.e. perpendicular to spatial coordinates. It is easiest to perceive this process not in the form of a ball, but still in its section (cross-section), in the form of a circle, where along the x-axis there is a movement of the wave, along the y-axis there is a change of the magnetic component. Let there be a string inside this circle, which will make transverse oscillations, and we will consider only standing waves, the mathematics for which has long been well known, but here we are not talking about mathematics, but only about physics. And so option one:

The wave has one node, the wave has run both up and down, the result is zero — it is the first and neutral particle, I will assume it is a neutrino. It should have a minimum mass. Essentially, if there is a standing wave node at the centre of the circle, that particle will be neutral. Or we can also say this — at odd number of nodes the particle will be neutral, at even number of nodes the particle will be «charged».

The next option is two knots:

Fig. 1 Electron and positron

I will assume that this pair of particles is an electron and a positron. For the electron, the wave travelled down twice and up once, i.e. two negative and one positive. For the electric field, which is perpendicular to the magnetic field — this is what would mean (temp) -1, there was a path from the centre to the lower region, for the electron. If we add up their numbers, we get -1 for the electron, +1 for the positron. That’s what charge is. That’s why it’s a constant. But once again, this is true only for standing waves, which can exist indefinitely.

This is the first «charged» particle — electron and positron. The most important thing is to understand that in this case electric charge is nothing else than the rate of change of another characteristic of the medium, we can say exactly another dimension of the world, the manifestation of which we observe in the dimension of space-time as a magnetic field. The charge is known to us, for particles it should be an integer in the range from +1 to -1, i.e. only three values, only the characteristics change — the radius of the circle of the particle, as well as the number of nodes or bundles, which is interconnected. And one more interesting fact is that for matter in the centre the magnetic field is always positive, and for antimatter it is always negative.

It is known that transverse waves are possible only in the presence of elasticity. From here it follows that the medium in which electromagnetic oscillations occur is capable of compressing and stretching. That is why the theory of relativity introduces the concept of curvature of space.

— But what is this warp?

— What’s warping?

— What’s changing?

— What appears when massive bodies are formed?

— One answer is: The force of gravity.

— And what is the force of gravity expressed as?

— It is expressed in the appearance of some kind of energy, such as potential energy.

— I.e. warping space leads to a change in energy.

— Then what is the space filled with?

— And the answer is ENERGY.

I.e. space is filled with energy and this energy has some density. I.e. we get a certain medium, which has some properties of elasticity. The article will not contain calculations of energy density in space, although such concepts have been in physics for a long time.

There is also one more interesting point, and it is connected with the same charge. A charged particle in motion generates a magnetic field, but two oppositely charged particles (electron and proton) create a neutral object — an atom, which in motion does not generate a magnetic field, while their mass and size differ from each other. In this case it turns out that the energy of the magnetic dimension received through the electron and the energy given to the magnetic dimension through the proton compensate each other, i.e. are equal. It turns out that for any elementary particle it is a constant value. Most likely it is really so, it should follow from the fact that particles arise in the same medium, with «the same elasticity», and consequently their proper vibrations of this medium (their frequencies or wavelengths) as in a waveguide will be interconnected, and it will lead to quantisation effect. Quantisation is a result of parameters of energy density of surrounding space and energy density of magnetic dimension.

It is important to understand that what the «charged» particle carries in its middle is uniformly redistributed throughout the space — this is the manifestation of the gravitational force, but at the boundary of the «charged» particle to its centre there will be a certain gradient of density redistribution — in case of a positively charged particle there will be a gradient of density decrease in the space area, and in case of a negative particle — a gradient of space energy density increase. The gradient of density difference at the boundary of the particle is the manifestation in the region of space from the side of the magnetic dimension. At atom formation there is disappearance of the gradient of space density difference around the obtained system of interaction of particles — atom, space density is evenly distributed. It is the presence of the gradient of density difference on the boundary of a particle that forms the birth of electromagnetic waves during its motion. It is this inhomogeneity that compensates itself in the formation of atoms. It is this inhomogeneity that manifests the properties of charges.

One more important point — a particle is an electromagnetic wave — the speed of propagation of which is limited, if we divide this speed into components of motion in the area of magnetic dimension and in the area of space, we get a dependence — the greater the amplitude in the area of magnetic dimension, the less the wave will travel in the area of distance. The greater the amplitude of the magnetic component of the particle, the smaller the wavelength of the particle. This is the effect of warping space at the level of the elementary particle. So these are completely dependent quantities. It has been known for a long time that the higher the frequency of an elementary particle (although we can consider photons as well), the higher its mass. Hence it follows that mass is a quantity proportional or dependent on the amplitude of the wave in the field of magnetic measurement to the wavelength. We can also say that mass is proportional to the energy density of the magnetic dimension in some occupied volume of space. Generally speaking, I would say that the characteristic of the dimension of space is size, and the characteristic of the manifestation of the magnetic dimension in a region of space is mass. And in general for electromagnetic wave we get the rule — the total amount of energy travelled by electromagnetic wave will always be a constant value. I.e. the speed of light should be considered not as the speed of overcoming distance for time, but as the passage of the amount of energy for time.

It should also be noted that for the measurement of space in the case of electromagnetic waves the following rule is true: the increase of the positive component of the magnetic dimension leads to a decrease in the dimensionality of space, i.e. space shrinks in size, this leads to its curvature.

I.e. in the very centre of the matter particle the dimension in the area of space is absent or strongly reduced, there the space energy flows into the area of magnetic dimension.

Generally speaking, to simplify the understanding of the ongoing process, we can imagine a spring in the region of space, in which longitudinal oscillations are already taking place. In the centre of a particle of matter there will be a region where the spring is maximally compressed, in comparison with its usual state its size in this case decreases, for the places where the process of stretching is going on — an increase in size is observed. Something similar happens with space.

If we look at the picture of vibrations of an elementary particle, the cross section of which is shown in Fig.1, for an electron, then for three-dimensional space we get a ball, in the centre of which there will be a strongly discharged space, theoretically it is just a point, further there will be a gradual increase of energy density in the space region, and at a distance of a quarter of a wavelength there will be a maximum of energy in the space region, and in this region there is actually an amount of energy with double density, compared to the amount of energy in the space region. For the region of space it turns out that there the size increases twice. Also we should not forget about the magnetic component. For a particle the magnetic component will be directed from the centre to its boundary, and in this case we should not forget that at the boundary there is an excess negative value for the magnetic field.

Of course, it is difficult to calculate the exact size of a particle, but I think the principle is clear. Here it will be necessary to define precisely whether the size of the space dimension is a variable quantity if we consider the speed of light constant in the space dimension, or to fix the size and use the concept of the speed of light in the space dimension, which in this case will be a variable quantity. One way or another, in the space dimension a certain object in the form of a ball is formed, with some wave of change in the magnetic dimension from positive value to doubled negative value for the considered case. I.e. to the question, what an elementary particle of matter represents, we can answer that in the space dimension it represents a ball with a change of magnetic component in the form of a wave.

If the particle is represented in the area of magnetic dimension, to create a projection so to say, we will observe a certain circle, in the area of which there will be a change of the particle’s size in the form of a wave, from some minimal to double size. I.e. gravitational waves will be observed from the side of magnetic dimension.

Since the electromagnetic wave exists in all these dimensions, changes in energy density in these dimensions will affect its overall behaviour as a whole. I.e. the appearance of changes in energy density in the magnetic field region will also affect the distance travelled in the space region. Or in this case we can speak about the change of space dimension.

If we consider the speed of light only as a phenomenon related to space and consider it constant, then we will start to see areas with expansion of the size of space (dark energy) and areas with increase of mass (dark matter).

If we take into account the effect of curvature of space, not only due to its «discharging» in the area of matter, but also the process of «charging», I suppose, in the area of antimatter accumulation, then I think we can talk about variable speed of electromagnetic wave propagation in the area of space.

I.e. the postulate of invariability of the speed of light is preserved with a small reservation — the speed of light is equal to the ratio of the travelled amount of energy to time. If the curvature of energy density in the region of space is not observed, the speed of light is equal to the ratio of distance to time.

In fact, it is possible to describe the WORLD from different angles. It all depends on what we choose as a basis. Taking the speed of light as a constant value for space, we will observe a change in the dimensionality of space due to a change in its density. Doing the same on the magnetic dimension side, we will get a similar effect of changing the dimensions of its dimensionality by changing the density of the magnetic dimension.

It is still possible to introduce the concept of energy density of space in this case it will be possible to describe both the presence of mass and its absence, but then it will be necessary to talk about different speed of propagation of electromagnetic wave in the region of space. I.e. in this case in the region of absence of matter accumulations the maximum speed of electromagnetic wave propagation in the region of space will be observed, and in the regions of matter accumulations the decrease of electromagnetic wave propagation speed in the region of space will be observed.

In space, the process of formation of an elementary particle is something similar to the formation of a peculiar bubble and the manifestation of the magnetic dimension is actually necessary for «decomposition» of the process in the projection. It reminds a variant of displaying the surface of the Earth in the form of a flat map, instead of building a globe.

I.e. an attempt to «draw» an elementary particle on a plane (in space dimension) also leads to interesting moments of perception — the left part of the particle and the right part are, in fact, one and the same or a continuation, and the top and bottom are also some common point, in fact it is the centre of the bubble around which the process of «inflating» the bubble takes place. The magnetic dimension arises or describes the surface tension of the emerging bubble, and is a projection of the mapping in the plane of space dimension.

I.e., as I said before, it is possible to consider all this from different points of view, the main thing is not to «mix» them, or rather to understand correctly which variant should describe what. Otherwise such «mixing» can lead to various interesting effects, such as on the one hand the appearance of dark matter, and on the other hand to the manifestation of dark energy. Well, that’s on a galactic scale.

Now, when the structure of the surrounding space is «known», we can describe physical processes occurring in it. It is also necessary to understand that the magnetic dimension is perpendicular to the spatial dimension and that similar processes take place in it, i.e. it is also filled with energy.

Now let’s return to Fig.1, let’s go to the description of processes in the space dimension. A positive value of the magnetic field indicates that energy from the space dimension «flows» into the magnetic dimension. There is a discharge of space density, and for a negative value of the magnetic field — the space density becomes more dense.

If we take a particle as a whole, then for matter in the centre of the «charged» particle there will be some «discharge» of space density. And for antimatter — there will be an increase of space energy density. I.e. the «resultant» influence of the magnetic dimension on the space dimension in the form of the formed elementary particle will be only this small change of space density. Exactly this change causes the birth of gravitational force — the drop of space energy density in the centre of the elementary particle in comparison with the surrounding space density and its whole size, we do not forget that for the spatial dimension the energy is contained exactly in its characteristic — size. I.e. for simplicity of understanding — there was a small change of size. This is the precursor of gravitational force.

What happens on the side of spatial dimension with magnetic component? The antiparticle creates excess density of space due to the magnetic dimension, which «smears» over the whole space excluding the rarefied region of the matter particle. That is, the ratio of the density inside the particle to the density outside will be a large value.

This is the origin of the difference between gravitational and electromagnetic interaction forces. Here I will not deduce specific values, here I only give the principle of the origin of the forces themselves. Later it will be possible to calculate all this, knowing the dimensions and «density».

On the side of the magnetic dimension the opposite picture will be observed. There will occur similar processes, but for gravitational waves, since these dimensions are interconnected.

Also it is necessary to pay attention that on the boundary of a particle also will be formed regions either with increased energy density or with decreased energy density. It is very important for description of interaction between particles.

Consider the next possible particle, suppose it is a proton:

Fig. 2 Proton

The proton is known to consist of three quarks — this is for a simple model. In fact, this structure can be supplemented by other quarks, as it is now known. Quarks in this case (in my understanding) are nothing but half-waves of curvature of space, and it is clear that by themselves they can not exist, the meaning of the standing wave is lost, and yes, these half-waves are different, three of one sign and two of another. In this case it turns out that the proton consists of five quarks, the very concept of quark is very convenient for describing the interactions in the atom, will help to describe the sublevels for electrons, will describe the absorption and release of energy in the form of quanta, at the transition of electrons on the sublevels, and also allows you to accurately calculate and describe the processes of nuclear reactions.

For «charged» particles at their boundary a certain gradient of density change in the region of space is formed, either the energy density will increase or will decrease. Hence there is an effect of interaction of particles with different type of charge. I.e. the same-impedance ones repel, different-impedance ones attract. There will also be a phenomenon of alternating magnetic field in the area of space surrounding the particle when the charged particle moves.

Let’s consider possible variants of interaction of protons among themselves. Since at their edges there is a region with low energy density of space, at sufficient approach these regions can unite to compensate the change of the total density of space:

Fig. 3 formation of the strong interaction force

At such «gluing» there will be a decrease in the discharge of the density of the whole surrounding space due to the increase of the energy density in the space dimension in the volume of the half-wave and at such a process the «tension» of the space (the general gradient of the space energy density difference) will decrease with the release of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. This is the nuclear reaction. A strong interaction is formed. I.e. the strong interaction depends on the space surrounding the particle and on the size of the half-wave of the particle itself.

The neutron is used to stick protons together around a circle. It allows protons to «stick» around a common centre to provide a uniform distortion of the energy density of space to the common centre. Due to this sticking there is a weakening of the strong interaction, there is a certain angle, misalignment. This is the force of weak interaction.

Neutral particles on the one hand have a region of increased space density and on the other hand — of decreased density, which leads to the appearance of the effect of «rotation» of the particle, but the total energy density of space remains uniform. In such a particle the energy manifests itself in the form of the rotation effect.

Neutron stars are a very interesting object. Their main feature is their rotation.

For an electron there are two main variants of interaction with its like — it is to fly away when approaching due to increased energy density in the region of space and the variant of superposition, i.e. full coincidence of one with another, which is the formation of heavy particles. Of course, this is how all kinds of «heavy» particles are created.

Fig. 4 Electron repulsion

I will not consider the principle of formation of different states of matter here, as it is already well described. Especially, since it is already a complex interaction of elementary particles, it is not considered here.

Now let’s try to imagine what antimatter will look like. It has in the centre an increased density in the region of space and for the positron at the boundary a decreased density of space is formed, but an increased density on the side of the magnetic dimension.

Antimatter must fulfil the role of a bubble surface. It will not group or gather to a point like matter, it will diverge from some centre in the form of a ball surface.

Antimatter is not capable of grouping into three-dimensional objects due to its structure. It has an excess of energy density in its centre, this will lead to an antigravity effect, particles will try to move away from each other.

This is the actual basis, and then there are the corollaries that follow from all of this.


A little bit of maths. I will give only calculation of radii of electron and proton on the basis of their known wavelengths, it is not difficult, though the result of course differs from existing for today, but it can be explained.

The wavelengths of the electron and proton are known:

For the electron, λeC ≈ 0.0242 Å ≈ 2.4263102367(11)⋅10−12 m;[1]

for the proton, λpC ≈ 0.0000132 Å ≈ 1.32140985396(61)⋅10−15 m.

Based on the proposed variants of particle schemes:

The radius of the electron will be Re=3λeC/4≈ 0.0242 Å ≈ 1819.732678⋅10−15 m;

The radius of the proton will be Rp=5λpC/4≈ 0.0000165 Å ≈ 1.651762317⋅10−15 m;

The radius of the proton today is considered to be equal to (1.2 — 1.35) -10-15 m, which is closer to the calculated one, with the electron not everything is so simple, the experimentally obtained radius will depend on the spot of its magnetic component interaction and for particles with small mass this radius will be hard to determine experimentally, it will be blurred, but the radius of heavier particles will be more pronounced and for them the calculated one should coincide more and more with the experimentally obtained one. Well and using for calculation of radius of a particle wavelength should lead to more exact results.

It has long been known that the WORLD loves fractals. What happens in the interaction of matter and antimatter is nothing but the creation of a wave on an enlarged scale. There is a separation of energy density in space. Further there is an accumulation of matter to some point in a separate area and accumulation of antimatter in another area at some distance from the same centre of mass and at achievement of certain sizes and values of magnetic dimension there is a formation of «standing» waves with the size of macroobjects, with formation of a black hole and some surface, with uniform energy density in the area of space, we can call it a white hole.

A black hole is nothing but the centre of the galaxies scale electromagnetic particle, around which there will be a change in energy density in the region of space and in the magnetic dimension.

If I understand correctly, the black hole is a centre for the positive magnetic field it is the centre of the formed particle, and antimatter at formation of a black hole creates around in space uniformly filled with energy shell of the received particle. I.e. particles themselves «straighten» leaving only uniformly filled area of space.

Depending on the kind of galaxies where the black hole is located we can roughly talk about what kind of particle a given galaxy forms.

For example, due to the peculiarity of the structure of neutral particles, we can foresee that galaxies with their participation should rotate. If we see a globular galaxy, then we have a representative of a «charged» particle.

Continuing the conversation about neutral particles — neutron stars are a very interesting object. It is their rotation that is their main distinguishing feature. Apparently neutron stars are the parents of neutral black holes.

And based on fractality one can further describe the structure of the WORLD and different variants of possible interactions. Only the frequencies of electromagnetic waves and their size change. In fact, everything should be like that. The basic rules of interaction of waves of different lengths are already known to mankind. In fact, only waves of commensurate wavelengths can interact directly.

Now let’s return to the understanding of mass. It has been known for a long time that E=mc2 , if we consider space to be filled with energy, then space without matter will have mass. I think that it makes no sense to search for dark matter in the form of some particles — it is just the surrounding space, which as a consequence of matter formation starts to redistribute the energy density to equalise the total energy density. Or we can say that the galaxy itself is an elementary particle, and it has its own mass enclosed in a huge volume. Matter and antimatter, I suppose, is created inside the particle by changing the velocity of the particle. We know that mass depends on the speed of motion. Apparently a change in the speed of motion causes a change in the size of the particle, which leads to the appearance of matter of lower order inside the particle. So there is a spontaneous birth of particles and antiparticles in space.

What can cause a change in the speed of motion? There are many reasons, mostly related to the interaction of particles, and of course the mind is able to do all this — the LHC.

Once again I will repeat about the adjustment of understanding of the speed of light. The speed of light is indeed a constant quantity, but for it the spatial dimension is not important, but the travelled amount of energy to time is important. If we talk about the speed of light in the space dimension, we should take into account that since the energy density of space will be different, the speed of propagation of electromagnetic wave in the space dimension will be different. In essence, for space all possible variants of lens effects will be observed, that by the way can be used for «building» telescopes with the size of galaxies. Well and it is necessary to give up searches of dark matter and dark energy in the form of small elementary particles, because it all is an effect of manifestation of lensing in large scales. Observation of these effects is very useful for description of surrounding space.

The question about the redshift effect, which is considered to be the cause of the Universe spreading, is also solved. If we consider that we are in the area of increased density of magnetic dimension, and this is so, because we are in the area of matter accumulation, then for us will be observed the increase of wavelength and thus will be manifested red shift, well and it will be observed as long as we will be in the space with increased energy density.

The next interesting point is the manifestation of particle entanglement. If we consider that the magnetic dimension is perpendicular to spacetime, there is no concept of distance for it. If particles at the magnetic level are related, for example their magnetic moment, then no matter at what distance they will be from each other, a change of state of one particle will lead to a change of state of the other.

Proceeding from it it is possible to conclude that for a particle of matter and antimatter the phenomenon of entanglement is also fulfilled. Therefore the birth of a black hole should lead to formation of its antipode — uniformly filling the surface of the ball, and since historically so it happened, let it be a white hole.

There is also another important point inside the «charged» particle there will be a magnetic field directed from its boundary to the centre. This magnetic field will be a guiding field for accumulations of matter inside the particle of higher order. It will set the rotation axis of macroobjects. In the case of neutral particles it is possible that the magnetic field will be reversed, but this is still only an assumption.

If a cluster of matter has no common centre — a black hole — then such structure is like photons and can be directed anywhere.

This is, in fact, the whole hypothesis of building the WORLD from small to great using fractality and all the knowledge that mankind has already accumulated. Of course, this is probably not all, there are probably other dimensions. This is just another small step of understanding the surrounding WORLD.

And in conclusion, I would like to summarise — all these processes have one common component — it is ENERGY. Everything around us is made of it, and it is preserved in any situation. Electromagnetic waves, light, produce a «distribution» of energy density between the dimensions of space and magnetic. Light gives birth to particles. Light is the force that creates everything around.


In fact, mankind has known other dimensions for a long time — it is, in fact, the mind itself. The mind is in space, it is in a magnetic field, but it has its own field of action. Yes, it has a point of intersection with them, but, in fact, it solves other tasks. The mind uses the environment to achieve its goals, it is able to break all conceivable and inconceivable laws or rules like the effect of entanglement. And it too has its own waves — good and evil, good and bad, like or dislike. These are all waves too, but in the dimension of Mind.

Life is a common dimension of the interaction between the material and the immaterial.

And GOD said, «Let there be LIGHT! Light is the power that creates everything around us.

This is the common point of contact between science and religion. Everyone is right in his own way, but as Jesus said — God is God’s and Caesar is Caesar’s, it’s just a line, but one cannot exist without the other. Humans are like light — they divide, they are a force of warp of another dimension. That is why man is dual, and he has to be, that is his purpose. He must be able to separate one from the other, that is his strength.

The mind itself can be divided into three dimensions — subconsciousness, consciousness and superconsciousness or intuition. Each lives in its own plane, and their common component gives the mind, it is how segments in spatial coordinates turn, for example, into a ball, or any other figure, acquires a shape. Subconsciousness itself is something very flat, it is responsible exclusively for satisfaction of vital needs and pleasures. Consciousness is also too flat in itself, if subconsciousness is «torn off» from it, the choice of consciousness becomes simply unnecessary. And intuition is meaningless by itself. Only the unification of these components gives the possibility of the origin of Reason. Reason cannot exist without satisfying its needs, without its passions, without compromises, without sacrifices, without struggle, and also without intuition how to act.

Let life be pleasant to you, love life, if only because it is more pleasant to live like that. There is simply no sense in a life dominated by unpleasant feelings. Do not waste your life on discouragement, frustration, anger. Try to sift out the bad feelings and leave only the good ones, the Mind is capable of this. Yes, there will be good and bad, but that is what allows you to appreciate and love life, that is its value. If you remove any of these elements, you will also destroy the opposite one. There is no good without bad, the perpendicular dimension — Mind — disappears at once. You yourself are this centre, you are the force that is able to create this wave and it is thanks to the duality of man. You change the world around you. Let it please you.

Life will pass by

♪ like a single moment ♪

# It’s a moment to be treasured

# And in it you’ll find pleasure #

# How you spend it

# It will pass #

♪ don’t forget that she’s ♪

♪ she’s your creation ♪

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Author — Sergey Skrynnik

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, tel. 8(701)7285242

26 June 2024

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